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Because of new COVID protocols, Mrs. Ross has sent out the following message about birthday celebrations:

Celebrating birthdays and special events has always been a great part of our Fisher culture. I want to share an update to our safety protocol involving birthday treats. All food items must be individually packaged in an unopened bag or box. For example, a large box of Rice Krispy Treats that is unopened with individually wrapped and sealed Rice Krispy Treats inside. Any extras can be sent home with the student who brought them in. We cannot accept any homemade food items or store purchased items that are not individually wrapped. Food items must also sit unopened and untouched for 72 hours at school before we can distribute to students for consumption. This means that families will need to coordinate some pre-planning with the classroom teacher before bringing in food items that are to be given out on a certain day. For example, if a family wants to celebrate their child’s birthday on Tuesday, March 16th, the treats will need to come in on Thursday March 11th since school is held remotely on Fridays. This scenario allows for extra time. Another example would be if a family wanted to celebrate their child’s birthday on Thursday March 18, the treats would need to come in on Monday March 15th.    Please contact the classroom teacher or the office if you have questions.